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Brahmavidya Courses

Course details along with fees and duration mentioned below

Brahmavidya is a Science of Life teaching human beings the spiritual laws of life. These Spiritual laws operate in human life through Breath and Thought.



Most religions teach that there is a spark of the Divine in every human being. Brahmavidya merely helps you to realize this more clearly and to use the Supreme Intelligence within, in a very practical way. Being potentially divine, man has within him all the power required to overcome his difficulties and problems. Brahmavidya teaches definite methods by which a person can overcome all of his physical and mental problems and lead a better, happier life.

We hope that this introduction to Brahmavidya would inspire you to remove by the root all that appears to be evil in your life and replace it with real happiness, comfort and success. This can happen here and now, in the year in which we are living if you give yourself an opportunity to learn and practise these rare methods.

YOU can use these methods for mastering your personal problems, for building the superior mind and ability and power necessary to carry out your ambitions, to fulfil your desires, and to give you greater strength to fight off sickness and old age. No matter what your talents, no matter what your ambitions, you should learn the way to call upon the SOURCE OF ALL INSPIRATION within you. What have you done to get in touch with the Source of all inspiration – the Divine Power within you? The supreme purpose of Brahmavidya is to do this for you.

  • Any person above 18 years in age can join this course.
  • The Basic Course comprises of THREE parts:
    • Pranayam and 8 Spiritual Breathing Exercises which are to be practised daily in the morning.
    • Simple methods of Meditation which are to be practised during night or early morning as may be found convenient.
    • Related philosophical topics explaining the fundamental principles of LIFE.
  • Written lessons are given every week so that one can study these subjects at home.
  • The duration of the course is 22 Weeks. Once a week for 1½ hours.
  • Donation for the course by 22 weekly sessions is
    Rs.1500/- within INDIA
    Rs.12000 /- FOR GROUP A (All countries in South America, Africa, erstwhile Russia)
    Rs.11500/- FOR GROUP B (All other countries besides Group A countries)
    and for the residential workshop it is
    RESIDENTIAL IN MARATHI Rs. Rs.5000 and above/-
    NONRESIDENTIAL IN MARATHI Rs. Rs.1800-Rs.2000 /-.
    RESIDENTIAL IN ENGLISH Rs. Rs.5000 and above /-. inclusive of lodging and boarding (For residential workshop please reconfirm the donation.)
  • It also can be done through Postal Course.

The purpose of this course of Brahmavidya is to show you the correct way to use these two important aspects of our life – BREATH & THOUGHT.

Our BREATH is OUR LIFE. Life continues only till breathing continues. Thus our life is totally dependant on our breathing. Through our breath we receive Oxygen and Prana energy (Life Force). Oxygen helps in purification of blood whereas the Prana energy is used by the nervous system. Most diseases and illnesses are caused due to insufficient supply of Oxygen and Prana energy.

Though we are breathing right since our birth, it does not ensure that our breathing is correct. Moreover, as we do not pay for the air that we breathe or make any conscious effort to breathe, we do not give importance to our breathing. We can breathe correctly only by learning it.

By practising the Spiritual Breathing Exercises taught in this course we learn correct breathing. Through regular practice the capacity of the lungs increases, the body learns and forms a habit of right breathing, bringing in more Oxygen and Prana energy. This makes the body healthy and efficient. Breath (Prana) brings Health in our body, Joy in our mind and Peace in our spirit. Our two nostrils are truly the gateway to Heaven.

As Right Breathing purifies our body, Right Meditation cleans our mind. Regular practice of meditation improves mental outlook of the person and makes him more positive, cheerful, optimistic and confident. Due to better physical and mental health a person can do his daily work more efficiently. This can make him more successful at his job, his business or his profession.

Breath and Thought are the two basic elements on which our life is completely dependent. We cannot think of life without Breath or Thought. We have been using these two elements right since our birth, yet no one has ever taught us how to use these fundamental forces of our life.

It takes about 60 minutes to practice all the Eight Spiritual Breathing Exercises taught in the Basic Course. Of course, we do not have to devote 60 minutes from the first day and capacity of the body to take such exercise has to be gradually increased over a period of time.

Practice of various Meditation techniques taught in the Basic Course requires about 60 minutes.

Depending upon the level of interest and availability of time one can devote more time, but minimum requirement is 20 minutes for Breathing Exercises in the morning and 20 minutes for Meditation at Night.

Brahmavidya is not like a medicine, which is meant for a particular ailment. It is a system, which helps to remove root cause of illness and promote health. Hence in principle it is useful for any disorder of body and mind.

Breathing exercises and Meditation have been found useful to get rid of Asthma and other breathing troubles such as chronic cold & cough, high blood pressure, Spondilitis, backache, heart trouble, joints pain and many other ailments.

On the mental level benefits such as reduction in the restlessness, fear & tension, better concentration, self-confidence, more calm & composed nature have been observed.

Further teaching in Brahmavidya is available in following two courses of ascending level.

  • Advance Course: This course is of 104 weeks. One can join this Course only after successful completion of the Basic Course.
  • Teachers’ Training Course: This course is of 96 weeks. This Course is only by selection. After completion of Advance Course if the student is found suitable then he is given admission for this course.

The Importance and Efficacy of ancient yoga systems is being recognised all over the world. Many schools and colleges are considering introduction of such courses in their curriculum. It is hoped that parents and teachers will take advantage of this opportunity and enrol their children to undergo this training.

The children’s course has been started with a view to teach these effective methods to children right from young age. It is our firm belief that regular practice will help them physically as well as mentally and will groom them to face successfully the challenges of present competitive environment.

Any boy or girl above the age of 10 years can undergo this course.
The children are taught Pranayam, Eight Key Spiritual Breathing Exercises and techniques of Prayer, which are simple, yet very effective.
Every week, whatever is taught at the class is given to the students in the form of a written lesson. This helps the students to study the instructions at home and avoid mistakes in practice.
The Children’s course is conducted in seven weekly classes or a vacation workshop of 5-6 days.
The donation for this Course is only
Rs. 500 /-. WITHIN INDIA
Rs.4000 /- FOR GROUP A (All countries in South America, Africa, erstwhile Russia)
Rs.3500/- FOR GROUP B (All other countries besides Group A countries)

Our Breath is our Life. Life continues only till the Breath continues. Thus our life is completely dependent on breath. Through breath we receive essential Oxygen and Prana energy (life force). Oxygen purifies blood and Prana energy maintains harmonious functioning of the nervous system. Most of the sicknesses and diseases arise due to lack of proper supply of Oxygen and Prana energy to the body. Thus our health is completely dependent on “Correct Breathing”.

We are breathing from birth, but we do not know whether we are breathing correctly. We cannot know proper breathing unless we learn the correct method. These Spiritual Breathing Exercises help to learn Right Breathing. Regular practice trains our body to breathe properly and then this becomes a habit. Through regular practice the capacity of the lungs increases and this brings into the body abundant supply of Oxygen and Prana energy, making the body healthy and strong.

While proper breathing cleans the body making it healthy and strong, regular practice of “Prayer” cleans the mind, thus purifying it and improving self-confidence. A person with a pure mind is always cheerful, helpful, happy and healthy.

On an average it takes about 20 minutes to practice all the Breathing exercises taught in Children’s Course. The capacity of the body to take exercise is to be gradually increased and one does not have to devote 20 minutes from first day.

The methods of prayer taught at the class are simple and can be practised by persons of any religion. These take about 20 minutes.

The result can be seen with regular practice of 2-3 months, in improved health, vitality, memory, concentration and confidence.

In our classes we have observed that with regular practice students have derived physical benefits such as: improvement in respiratory disorders like frequent common cold and cough, asthma attacks, skin diseases, better health, immunity & stamina and mental benefits such as: reduction in the restlessness, better concentration & grasping, self-confidence, reduction in the fear & tension of the examinations, improvement in concentration, more calm & composed nature, better performance in the school etc “.

Further teaching in Brahmavidya is available in following three courses of ascending level.

  • Basic Course: This course is of 22 weeks and the class is taken once a week. Any person above 18 years in age can join this course.
  • Advance Course: This course is of 104 weeks. One can join this Course only after successful completion of the Basic Course.
  • Teachers’ Training Course: This course is of 96 weeks. The admission for this Course is only by selection. After completion of Advance Course if the student is found suitable then he is given admission for this course.

Those students who are unable to attend weekly classes or residential workshop can study the Basic Course by postal tuition, under the guidance of a teacher.

Guru Jyotirmayananda had completed all his courses only through correspondence. Hence any sincere student can successfully learn these methods by going through the lessons and practicing as per the instructions given. We have many students who are undergoing this Basic Course through correspondence. On an average about 10-15 new students enrol every month for postal tuition.

  • Duration – 6 Months
  • Eligibility – any person of the age 18 years or above.
  • Donation for entire Course: –
    Rs. 1500/- for students in India (irrespective of nationality),
    Rs. 12000/- FOR GROUP A (All countries in South America, Africa, erstwhile Russia)
    Rs. 11500/- FOR GROUP B (All other countries besides Group A countries)
    for students outside India (irrespective of nationality)
  • Course material consisting of 24 booklets is available in English, Marathi, Hindi & Gujarati. This is dispatched to the student through courier after the student enrols for the course. For local students 4 lessons are sent every month, whereas for students outside India the whole set of 25 booklets is sent at one time.
  • Lessons are self-explanatory and adequate instructions are given in the lessons. However if there is any difficulty the student can approach the assigned teacher for guidance either by post or by e-mail or by telephone or in person.
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