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Material vs Spiritual

Let us find out how this wonderful science blends material and spiritual aspects to bring about wholeness in one’s life.

Man is FREE, and of course, that is his greatest blessing! Man is free to think his own thoughts and live his life as per his own thinking. According to his own choice, he can look at life from two viewpoints: material or spiritual.

The material viewpoint is this: Man is only a body, and a personality based on this body; the Macrocosm in which he lives is a natural process and there is no Creative Spirit or Creator or God creating and sustaining this wonderful universe. The spiritual viewpoint is this: Man is not only a body, but within his perishable physical body there is something that is imperishable, indestructible; this ‘something’ is referred to by many names such as – Soul, Spirit, Life, Atman, Higher- Self; this ‘something’ is connected to Universal Creative Spirit or what is normally called as God.

Though in different languages, all religions of the world present similar spiritual viewpoint. Yet when we observe men everywhere we find that most people live their life from a material viewpoint and the spiritual viewpoint is almost ignored. Why?

Following may be considered as the principal reasons:

Man is not able to experience the spiritual side of his being and so he feels that it does not exist at all. Due to religious and cultural upbringing he may believe that there is a Soul or Spirit in him, but as he has no experience of this Soul, the spiritual viewpoint has no influence on his day to day life.

Man considers material and spiritual, physical and mental as separate from each other. Historically we find that those who propounded spiritual or religious values were monks, sadhus, sanyasins, fakirs, who had renounced the worldly ways to pursue the religious or spiritual path. So he feels that if he pursues the spiritual, his material well-being would suffer, that he would have to forsake the material to pursue the spiritual. And he does not wish to do so!

Man is able to see clearly the benefits that would come to him by going after the material, but as he has no experience of the spiritual side of his being, he is completely ignorant about the benefits of pursuing the spiritual.

In such confused and divided situation of the mind, we need to see clearly that body, mind and spirit are connected to each other. In spite of the great differences in their appearance and character, they are so bonded with each other that they are not separate, but are one. Due to the difference in their character we give them different names, but it is impossible to separate them. Hence no man can be truly successful if he neglects the spiritual side of his being.

Spiritual side of man is nothing but the LIFE or the Living Energy within him. As there are laws, and order of the body and mind, similarly there are laws and order of this LIFE or the Living Energy. We may call these laws of life as spiritual laws or truths. By understanding and practicing these laws in his day to day life any person can easily and quickly make his life more successful. To live our life well we must remove from our mind this division between the material and spiritual, physical and mental. It is not enough to know and understand these laws intellectually, but we must have practical methods which show how to implement these laws in our day to day life. It is here that Brahmavidya comes to our help. Brahmavidya not only tells us about the laws of life, but shows definite, practical and effective methods which help us in living these laws.

Brahmavidya Sadhak Sangh was established in 1997. During the past decade, more than 1,00,000 students have learnt, practiced Brahmavidya and have improved their life by these teachings. They are the living proof of the efficacy of these methods. So in conclusion, I would appeal to all to learn Brahmavidya and to practice Brahmavidya and to propagate Brahmavidya.

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