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Advance Course (English) – Andheri (E)

Beloved Students,
It gives us great pleasure to inform you about new batch in English of Advance Course of Brahmavidya

From 16th June, 2019. Every Sunday.
Timing: Evening 5:00 to 6.30 p.m.

Venue: Dominic Savio School
Opp Tolani College
Shere-e-Punjab Colony
Andheri (E)

Teacher: Mandeep
Contact : 9867183305

In the Basic Course, which you have completed physical and mental aspects of human life were emphasised and methods were taught to establish order at both these levels. Basic spiritual truths also were imparted while emphasising the importance of health of the body and mind.

Now with this Advance Course, we will begin to explore the Spiritual side. This course is based on the Breathing Exercises and Meditation Methods learnt in the Basic Course. However, now we will go deeper in our practice by learning a few advanced methods.

Any person who is interested in reading religious, spiritual and philosophical literature will certainly find the lessons of the Basic Course interesting. Also he might understand the subject matter. However, the lessons of the Advance Course are quite different. Here the emphasis is on practice and it will not be possible to understand these lessons without practice. The Advance Course would be fruitful if you develop a habit of regular practice of the Breathing Exercises (about 30 minutes) and Meditation (about 30 minutes).

The Advance Course in Brahmavidya is of 104 weeks. The donation fee for this course is Rs.8,000/-, out of which Rs.4,000/- is to be paid at the time of admission. The balance donation fee of  Rs.4,000/- is to be paid in convenient instalments within the first year. However, if it is possible we request you to pay the entire donation of Rs.8,000/- at the time of enrolment. Admission forms will be given on the first day.

It is quite impossible for us to enumerate and explain in this short letter various aspects, which would be taught in the Advance Course. However, you have practised the methods of Basic Course and have experienced their efficacy. Here, we would like to state that, if you practise sincerely, this Advance Course of Brahmavidya, would be, the best thing in your life.

May you be inspired to join the course!
Brahmavidya Teachers.

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