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Realise Your Dreams, Practice Brahmavidya!

Learn Brahmavidya…Practice Brahmavidya…Spread Brahmavidya!

The section ‘Guru Speak’ is penned by Shri Jayant Divekar . It brings forth a heritage of learning, teaching and ‘living’ Brahmavidya. This article highlights the importance of ‘dreams’ and ‘memory’ and how the two can be used for individual progress and collective growth of mankind…

Dreams are forever! From birth to death, man’s life is a series of dreams. A newborn dreams, ‘when will I crawl … when will I walk … when will I talk … when will I go to school, to college and so on.’ The dreams keep on changing, but are an integral part of human life. I am not talking about the dreams that we see in sleep when we are not conscious. Also I am not talking about those dreams, which some people see to escape reality. Here, let us think about those dreams that we see consciously and would like to realize them in our life. Man’s dreams are an index to his greatness. Dreaming is not just projecting our thoughts in future, but is a God-given gift to mankind. All progress, whether collective or individual, has been achieved through this great faculty of man. In the whole Nature only man has this capability. In their physical capabilities, like vision, strength, speed, endurance, many animals surpass man. But they do not have this great faculty of dreaming and so they have remained what they were millions of years ago, whereas man has progressed from a barbaric cave-man to the present day scientific and civilized man. Memory to dreams to memory… While considering this faculty of Dreams, we cannot forget Memory. Man is a social being. The conditions and circumstances around constantly influence him and all this is stored in his mind – memory. This memory is being built up right since birth and new experience is constantly added to it. We may call this accumulated experience as man’s wisdom. This influences the way man dreams. His dreams lead him to action. Action gives him experience, which gets added to memory. So the cycle goes on. An eminent psychologist has said, “Man is a puppet of memory”. Generally, we find that as more memory is built, as man grows older, his dreams become dull and dark. These dreams become a cause of worry and anxiety rather than a source of inspiration, whereas for younger people, their dreams are motivating and inspiring. Point of action is ‘here’ and ‘now’. In a way dreams as well as memory are impotent, because one is about the future which has not yet come, and the other is about past which cannot be brought back. So if the dreams do not lead to concrete action in the present for achievement of these dreams and visions, then it is only day-dreaming  and escaping the reality. Past and future are not available for action, so the ideals of dreams and wisdom of memory must get translated to the present – here and now. Practice Brahmavidya! We have never learned to harness these two faculties of dreaming and memory to our advantage. In fact, one may say that, we have learned something unconsciously and that too from those, who did not know themselves. This is where Brahmavidya comes to our help. It shows us the way not by sermons and dogmas, but by right methods. Brahmavidya shows us methods to purify our memory, to dream boldly and scientifically, and to lead this to action.

The methods of Brahmavidya are based on Eternal Spiritual Laws of Life. Hence, when these are practiced sincerely and accurately, success is assured. Thousands of students from all walks of life have used these methods to successfully fulfill their dreams. Our dream in Brahmavidya is to see this teaching spread out all over the world, bringing Health, Joy and Success to all. Over the past 10 years Brahmavidya movement has gained momentum, and today, over 5000 students are learning Brahmavidya at the classes conducted by the Sangh at over 120 centres in Mumbai, Pune and Ratnagiri. This has been possible only due to the support of students who have proved in their life that Brahmavidya methods are effective. I thank all these students.

In conclusion, I would say, “Learn Brahmavidya…Practice Brahmavidya…Spread Brahmavidya!

Shri Jayant Divekar
Chief Trustee – Brahmavidya Sadhak Charitable Trust

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Name:   Jayant Divekar
Designation:   Chief Trustee
Education:   B.Tech. (IIT Delhi), M.B.A. (IIM Bengaluru)
Profile:   Studied "Brahmavidya" under Guru Jyotirmayanand in the year 1983. He performed herculean task of translating around 1500 pages of "Brahmavidya" literature from English to Marathi.

Teaching "Brahmavidya" for last more than 20 years.
He teaches Seven days a week thus leading an example. The very source of inspiration to all the Teachers and Students. An institution by himself and has a unique, simple & scientific teaching style.

Teaches Pradeepak Course at Mulund, Borivali & Pune. He also conducts Workshops for the Teachers of Brahmavidya for Advance Course and Pradeepak Course.

Telephone:   022-25339977

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