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I am enjoying life never before.  
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I have done my basic Brahmavidya course in Khopoli from Jan-11 - Jun-11. I have only one kidney. I was very weak. I had problem of hair falling, my nails had become like paper. My health was worsening day by day. I was not able to digest anything. My parents approached doctor. He told them that I can not take her responsibility. Her Kidney & lever are damaging day by day. As my parents insisited, he gave me some medicines. It was the time when I joined Brahmavidya-Basic Course. I was listening to my sir's speech word by word and practicing at home regularly. I used to start practice at 4.00am. After one month, Doctor came for check up. He was surprised by the improvement in my health. (He had given simple medicines, which can not make such change). My kidney & lever had become normal. I was so happy with this news!! It was a wonderful day in my life. I give all my thanks to my parents & teachers. Now, I am doing advanced brahmavidya course. I am enjoying life never before. Thanks a lot to my Teacher!

Course : Basic    Ailments : Lever & Kidney   
It helped me a lot to develop my memory and interest in studies.  

My name is Kshamita Manoj Subhedar. I am studying in Jankidevi High School in standard 5th. I have started doing Brahmavidya from March. Now almost five months are over everyday I do all the eight breathing exercises and progress. First I used to feel very lazy in the morning. But now I feel very fresh and active. Also I was not able to concentrate on my studies. I used to forget a lot of things. But when I started doing Memory Developing exercise regularly it helped me a lot to develop my memory and interest in studies. Also my height has increased and I have started feeling very confident. I have become fearless and independent. I keep things properly in order. I will continue my practice henceforth.

Course : Children's    Ailments : Not Specified   
As I have completed learning Brahmavidya, I feel speechless.  

As I have completed learning Brahmavidya, I feel speechless. My silence perhaps is due to the effect of the learning of the beautiful science. I can only express my sincerest gratitude to all the teachers for their divine benevolence. Seeing them we realize that the path that lay before us is indeed a noble one. I give my greatest thanks to you and hope your blessings remain with us always. I attended the residential camp and found that the provisions here were quite good and above all the teachings were priceless.

Course : Residential    Ailments : Not Specified   
Excruciating Pain  

Have benefitted a lot within a span of 6 months. I was an ASTHMA patient, needed two to three pillows to sleep. This resulted in severe pain in the lower back. With a steadfast and dedicated practice of Spiritual Breathing Exercises, I could manage the pain, and later found that I needed only one pillow. Thanks to all Teachers who teach these techniques so beautifully and make us practice. Thank you Brahmavidya

Course : Basic Course    Ailments : Back Pain   
Brahmavidya has become an integral part of my life.  

I am Apurva Samant studying in standard 8th. I learnt the Brahmavidya in August 2004. Brahmavidya is a key to health and success - today, I can vouch for the truth of this statement. Since the age of three and half years, I have suffered from regular bouts of cough and cold. I have also suffered from nausea and sleepless nights, because of my ill health. My mother used to keep a close watch on me to see that I do not consume sour or fried foods or cold drinks and ice creams. When I was in class VII, I was not selected for scholarship examination coaching in school and I was quite disappointed. It was during this time, that I heard about Brahmavidya. On my mother's insistence I joined the Children's Course of Brahmavidya. Today, I am completely relieved of my respiratory ailments. I can relish oranges and ice cream and all those things I had longed for in the past and could not eat because of my ill health. With regular practice, I experience continuous good health, thereby I can study better and my concentration also has improved a lot. I feel more energetic throughout the day. I have become calmer as a person. I studied for my class VII scholarship examination on my own, and bagged it! It was a day of triumph. Since then, my academics have improved a lot. Today, if I miss practicing Brahmavidya even for a day, I feel I have missed out on an important part of my day. Brahmavidya has become an integral part of my life. It surely is a great science and offers solutions to every problem in life. Looking at my own experiences, I feel every child should study Brahmavidya and practice it regularly.

Course : Children's    Ailments : Cold   
Thanks to the wonderful science of BRAHMAVIDYA, I am happy, I give thanks.  

before joining Brahmavidya i had constipation and BLEEDING PILES problem and because of bleeding i had lost 10 kgs of weight,i had tried all types of medicines but my mornings were very painful and did not get complete relief but after joining Brahmavidya classes,i started practicing the breathing exercises and meditation VERY REGULARLY,i was able to overcome all these problems and other petty problems,in a span of 6 months and now i am absolutely healthy,today i can eat any hot and spicy food without any problem.thanks to the wonderful science of BRAHMAVIDYA, i am happy,i give thanks.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Constipation   
The Very First Lecture Changed My Life  

I don't Know How To Start But I Will Make An Attempt To Portray My Experience & Benefit Of Brahmavidya In My Daily Life. Previously I Was Working In An Share Broking firm, Handling The Buying & Selling Of shares Of More Than 30 Clients In An Day. There Was So Much Pressure To Perform The Given Task & Continuously Sitting In A/c Room For More Than 10 Hrs, With No Fix Timing For Lunch & Having Frequent Tea I Had Developed Cough, Acidity & Back Pain. For This Problem I Had Joined 1 Year Of Yoga Class & Done It Successfully From 'Ambika Yog Kutir'. But Was Not Able To Do Yoga Regularly & My All Three Problems Persisted Regularly. So, My Uncle Mr. Rajan Shetye All Thanks To Him Who Advised Me To Join Brahmavidya Course. I Attended The Introduction Lecture Carried out By Mr. Kumbhare Sir Held On 09.07.2013 At Chabildas High School Dadar West. & The Very First Lecture Changed My Life & I Decided To Join The Course & Practice Regularly All The Swashan Prakars & Dhyan Tough To Me In The Lectures. Believe Me My Friends With The Regular Practice Of All The Swashan Prakars & Dyan I Have Over Come My Cough, Acidity Problem & Back Pain Have Minimized A Lot. It Is Hard To Believe That Such Simple Swashan Prakars Can Make Big Difference In My Life Mentally & Physically. I Had Made Promise To Myself To Do The Brahmavidya Practice Regularly & Also Will Be Doing The Pragat Course Of Brahmavidya. Friends I Will Advise You To Join At Least A Basic Course Of Brahmavidya & See The Positive Changes Happening In Your Life Mentally & Physically.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Cough, Acidity & Back Pain   
Brahmavidya is good way to proceed for real sense of immortality.  

The soul's physical identity as sumedh joshi is trying to put forward the expressions & experiences through medium of body & mind in the physical society about the brahmavidya. 1. First of all it gives the better idea of your identity which normally we are not exposed to. 2.It really gives the understanding of fear in human race which is really useless & unproductive & how to move your self away from it. 3. It gives basic vent to your process of positive thinking. 4. you become more analytical & stable by mind. 5. The clarity in thoughts is seen. 6. we come closure to some typical concept of absolute theory which we feel is still existing. 7. we can really stop the debates in human race if we really practice something which will make our soul really happy. 8. we start thinking of calmness as we don't have any right to disturb the harmony of universe for own materialistic benefits. 9. we can do analysis of what really materialisnm is giving to this human race. 10. Everybody should start doing the activity of self retrospection & search for GOD in our ownself. Brahmavidya is good way to proceed for real sense of immortality. sumedh joshi A bodily soul.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Not Specified   
This Brahmavidya camp has indeed been a beautiful and unique experience for me.  

This Brahmavidya camp has indeed been a beautiful and unique experience for me. The teaching methods are simple, easy and all teachers are truly dedicated and inspired us to practice Brahmavidya regularly. I am taking this opportunity to thank all the teachers of Brahmavidya. I feel happy and express my sincere gratitude towards Brahmavidya Sadhak Sangh.

Course : Residential    Ailments : Not specified   
I am very grateful to Brahmavidya for helping me achieve such success.  

I learned Brahmavidya when I was in 6th standard. Later, I did the Basic course. I practice all breathing exercises and meditation. Achievements:- 1) 6th std young scientist exam silver medal 2) 7th std scholarship exam 4th in thane district 3) 8th std Ganit (Maths) pradnya 4) 9th std young scientist exam silver medal 5) 10th std 10th in Mumbai Divisional Board SSC 6) 12th std 86.6% marks (not that good) 7) All India Rank "9"th in IITJEE exam 8) I have completed my B Tech from IIT Mumbai and presently working in a software company in Hyderabad Here also I practice Brahmavidya. I am very grateful to Brahmavidya for helping me achieve such success. I will continue practicing Brahmavidya to explore further secrets of life.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Not Specified   
it's my new birth and now I know what is life actually  
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I have started this course since 16 Jan & experience miracle which is beyond word. But I can say that it's my new birth and now I know what is life actually and now I only follow brahmnidya and become successful in my rest of life. And off course I will show this way to others to mke them successful

Course : Basic    Ailments : Not Specified   
I am healthier in body and mind.  

To begin with I would like to thank all teachers of Brahmavidya. I used to suffer from back ache, however with regular practice of breathing exercises and meditation, I feel rejuvenated. I am healthier in body and mind. No negative thoughts affect me. I am truly happy and at peace and therefore immensely grateful to this wonderful science.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Backache   
The zeal and zest of my life has returned.  

My age is 58 years, and I am a medical practitioner. I have a very complicated and rare heart defect from birth. But we were not aware of it, as I used to be a healthy student in during my school and college days. I secured M.D. degree in Anesthesia and started working in a reputed medical college hospital in Mumbai. During my first pregnancy I became aware of my problem. But I did not pay much attention to it as with the limited investigation facilities available then, we thought it was just a small hole in the Artrial septum of the heart, which is perfectly compatible with normal life pattern and expectancy. In the hospital I worked for long hours, about 8 - 10 hours per day. On emergency duty days I have worked for as many as 36 to 56 hours at a stretch. Along with that I used to do some household work. My kids were small back then. I could cope up with all the work without any problem. Life was beautiful, very fast and eventful, both professionally and socially. I had no problems whatsoever till the age of 50 years then as the blood pressure started increasing I underwent some investigations and realised that I had very complicated heart defect. I started taking medicines for high blood pressure and I was quite o.k. Around that time I shifted to Pune and started practicing as a private anesthetist. After 2 - 3 yrs., the cardiologist changed my medicines and I happened to be allergic to the new medicines. In 2-3 days time, I suffered a very bad attack of heart failure. It took me 2-3 weeks to improve. But the heart got considerably damaged with that attack and I started suffering from milder attacks of heart failure almost 3-4 times a month, without any warning signs. Blood pressure would suddenly become so low, that I would not even be able to sit. I was forced to give up my profession, stopped stepping out of the house fearing of sudden attacks. This went on for 4-5 years and slowly with the help of medicines these attacks reduced. For the past two years they have stopped totally, at the cost of house arrest that I had to accept. If I walked a little distance, my feet would show swelling. I would be afraid of getting attack and would not leave home for 3-4 months at a stretch. The fear lingered large in my mind and I was just not able to get rid of it. I actually wondered if those creative 25-30 years of my life was just a dream. I started attending Brahmavidya class with much difficulty, after the first lecture itself I realized that there was a ray of hope for me and with great determination I continued to attend the class, week after week. In 3-4 weeks I started sensing a magnetic force drawing me towards Guruji's words of wisdom, words of encouragement. Every week I would walk to the class about a kilometer from my residence. The feet did not show any signs of swelling, the heart kept beating in perfect harmony. As the weeks passed and I went on practicing breathing exercises, I felt improvement in my general health and particularly in the lung capacity. The affirmations that followed the spiritual breathing were helping me to get rid of all negations. I realized that I am master of my life and I can mould it the way I want. The best part of the course is the meditation. As I spent time meditating as taught by Guruji, I could actually feel the fear inside me melt and leave me giving way to confidence. Every day I discovered a new strength creeping up in my mind and more and more confidence building up. I once again started believing in my own abilities. I realised that my defective heart has served me well for 50 years and the thought that it will serve me for 50 more years got firmly rooted in my mind. Whatever would be the test, I would tell myself, I can do it, and my body and mind would oblige me. It just worked wonders. I totally stopped taking the regular sleeping pills, which I had been taking for almost six years. I had to continue medications because of my peculiar heart conditions. But I believe that individuals who have developed high blood pressure or angina due to worries or advanced age can get rid of it thru' the practice of Brahamavidya. Chronic asthmatics can also can get rid of asthma. My son studied in USA and is settled there. I thought I would never be able to visit him, but now I know I can tour the whole world, not just USA. The zeal and zest of my life has returned. What appeals to me the most about Brahamavidya is that it is not the worship of the individual, who claims to be an incarnation of some god. All our teachers are followers of Brahmavidya and they are simple human beings like you and me, they are just our teachers and do not feel that students should glorify them in any manner. They all are honorary workers, spending their time and energy towards the noble cause of helping people to get rid of stress, built up self esteem, cope up with day to day problems in a better way and lead a healthy and happy life.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Heart Trouble   
Brahmavidya not only gave me fitness, but totally changed my perspective towards life.  

Hi, I am student of pragat (Advance) course at Dombivli. Brahmavidya not only gave me fitness, but totally changed my perspective towards life. Presently I m persuing Workshop for Childrens Course as well. I wish each and every person should undertake basic course. Thanx to all my teachers.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Cold & Cough   
Brahmavidya has made a Miraculous change in my Life!!  
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Brahmavidya has made a Miraculous change in my Life!! I came to know about Brahmavidya through my sister in law in 2004. During that time I was suffering from Severe Depression. I used to feel lonely, not willing to mix up with any one, not feeling like to talk to anyone (not even my children and husband), I had stopped doing all house hold work (including cooking), felt very leghargic as I was under heavy medication. This went on for more than 6 years. Then again my sister in law insisted me to join Basic Course in March 2011. I told my mind, why not try this? I joined the English Batch in April, 2011. As the lessons were going on, I started practicing regularly and faithfully the Breathing Exercises, these took me to the path of peace of mind, then I developed interest in practice of meditation as well. These teachings made me Energetic, Enthusiastic and Active. By the time my 22 week class was complete, I have started travelling independently, all my heavy dosage of medicines has completely stopped, recently I have also started my hobby of painting. I thank sincerely to the Wonderful and complete science of Brahmavidya!!

Course : Basic    Ailments : Mental Disorders   
The basic course guides as to be cent per cent in us.  
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Before joining the basic course i had lost confidence in the body strength. Used to feel in secured and tired easily much before the day ends. Also feel low in the gathering of people due to stress and low energy. While perusing the basic course itself within one month i started gaining physical strength. I now after completion of the course feel better in my routine life. I have regained confidence. I feel energetic, loving person, I respect others and to humanity and nature. The basic course guides as to be cent per cent in us. Thanks to Brahmavidya and thanks to all. Mantra is practice and practice only for self.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Restlessness   
Make friends with Brahmavidya  

Every human being who is part of this vast sea of humanity evolves as he experiences the different stages of life, each having its share of joys and sorrows and moments of triumph and defeat; nevertheless sailing along, braving the rough weather each one wants to reach his destination. Yet you may ask an individual of his most cherished moments in his life; it would no doubt be those carefree and innocent days of childhood, when everything seemed fun and joy. I am quite fortunate to have got an opportunity to learn Brahmavidya during my childhood. I joined Brahmavidya class on the insistence of my mother. After practising the breathing exercises, I found that my stamina had increased, my breathing improved. I can run faster without feeling exhausted. Earlier I found it difficult to concentrate on my studies for long hours, however with the practice of Brahmavidya my concentration has improved. I used to be quite mischievous in school, I would find myself restless and today, with regular practice of Brahmavidya I feel calm and composed. School authorities and my parents are happy with the change they see in me. I too feel better more positive. I also bagged my Karate black belt, which is quite a rigorous examination, after practising Brahmavidya. I feel every teenager should learn and practise Brahmavidya for developing a positive outlook and to achieve success. These are the seven tenets I found very interesting in the study of Brahmavidya: Don't expect Give more Be honest Be content Be happy Live simple And, make friends with Brahmavidya.

Course : Children's    Ailments : Not Specified   
Brahmavidya also teaches us to practice Humility  

We are both doing the advance course of Brahmavidya, and this article is an attempt to summarise, some of what we have learnt. Brahmavidya says that : I now learn, that man is the master of his destiny ..This means that You decide whether you succeed or fail, depending on how your subconscious is programmed. If you do not program your mind, it will revert to programs written by others - i.e. your ancestors or your environment. Struggles are exactly what we need, in our lives, if we want to develop. If we were protected, i.e. allowed to go through our lives, without any obstacles, it would leave us helpless and perpetually dependant on others. It has been said that :I asked for Strength ... And was given Difficulties to make myself strong. I asked for Courage ... And was given Danger to overcome, to realise it. I asked for Love ... And was given Chances to know how to find it. I asked for Wisdom ... And was given Problems to solve, to achieve it. I asked for Prosperity ... And was given Brains and Brawn, to work and attain it. I asked for Favours ... And was given Opportunities, to work and achieve my own success, so that I could understand, that I didnt really need them. I got nothing that I had asked for ... yet I received everything that I actually needed!! After reading this, we realise, that the most precious things in life are those, that cant be brought, gifted or stolen - they are precious, because they have been earned. Having said that, however, Brahmavidya also teaches us to practice Humility. Relinquish self-conceit. In short, get rid of Ego! Sounds easy, but it is extremely difficult to achieve! Only a truly wise person realises how far he / she is, from total knowledge - i.e. they are always humble. Some egiostic people, consider themselves self made, as though nobody else had any part to play, in their development! Things, that are out of control, are external factors : Circumstances in which you were born, the colour of your skin, your looks, as well as, the actions of other people. Trying to control these or lamenting about your lack of control over these, is what leads to torment and frustration. The things, that are in your control, are your own actions, thoughts and emotions. These decide your happiness.

Course : Children's    Ailments : Not Specified   
My sincere Thanks to my Teacher and the whole Brahmavidya Family.  
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After undergoing the Cervical Spondylosis Operation, I was bedridden for 2 months with neck support belt (collar) which I hated the most. During this period, my wife was everything for me and took care of me like a baby. Then in January 2012, I joined the Basic Course of Brahmavidya. I started practicing the Breathing Exercises and Meditation regularly. My Teacher always used to tell me that very soon you will get rid of Neck Ornament (Neck Support Belt - Collar). And it really happened very soon (before completing my 22 week course). The Breathing Exercises in Brahmavidya are mostly similar to the physiotherapy exercises advised by doctor (as far as physical movements are concerned) but they act much more at the higher level. My sincere Thanks to my Teacher and the whole Brahmavidya Family.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Spondilitis   
These exercises are like 'Restart' button in computer.  
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Before joining Brahmavidya Course I was running after Joy, Wasting Time in things which were considered Sensual. I had loss of Concentration from Studies and other works. And I just wanted pleasure and only pleasure, without willing to work for it or take any responsibility for such pleasure. Now after joining the course, Meditational exercises are proving a handful in controlling my mind from wandering. Earlier it would be like a kite which would go in any direction, it wanted to. I had no control over my mind and body, in fact, I did not have any control over myself. Meditational exercises are helping me to regain my lost concentration and controlling my mind and body as a whole. These have helped me in one more aspect, it has reduced my sleeping time. I feel refreshed after practice of meditation. These exercises are like 'Restart' button in computer. I use it whenever I am stuck somewhere or feeling tired.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Not Specified   
Brahmavidya a key to unhampered health  

Each person has to retire from his or her office, on January 1, 2004, I retired from the post of Principal from BMC school. The first week was spent in post retirement activities. But after that depression set in. I used to miss my school. The feeling that I used to run a school in the role of an efficient Principal, but that I am now retired and that now I have become old, this feeling brought in a feeling of tiredness. I was feeling depressed, I felt like I was 78 instead of 58, which was my actual age. It was at this time that I joined Brahmavidya class on January 23, 2004. Within just one week, I saw a change in me. Mr Gore Sir proved to us that there is no senility, disease, decay through his effective teaching and appropriate examples. I could see the dark clouds of depression, my enthusiasm increased. As I started grasping the lessons of Brahmavidya I began finding the solutions to life’s riddles. As I began practising the spiritual breathing my backache disappeared. I began climbing the stairs without tiredness. I learnt the importance of right breathing, which no one had taught me before and I began experiencing its wonderful benefits within no time. Contentment is the inspiration of life. I was acquainted to the divine truth that ‘You are the God in human form.’ “What you think will happen, if you think about negative things, they are likely to manifest in reality. The picture that you imagine consistently will be realized in actual life.” Right breathing, right thinking and practice of meditation made me live a happy, peaceful and controlled life and gave me the key to unhampered healthy life. I bow down to Brahmavidya.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Not Specified   
Brahmavidya the best tonic  

Brahmavidya is a science of yoga and philosophy. In 1984 I was operated for a thyroid complaint. I was suffering from this disorder for three years, which gave rise to back ache and neck ache. Consumption of allopathic medicines gave rise to body heat and stomach ailments. In 1987 I started attending yoga classes, but as I was practising specific asanas, realized that flexibility in other organs had reduced, yet I did not give up and continued the practice of yoga asanas, there was some relief from neck pain.Last year in April, I suffered from a severe attack of Sciatica, I could not move from one place. Walking and getting up was impossible. I took acupressure treatment for eight months, yet to no avail. Slowly I had a hump in my lower back and used to walk abnormally. I could not even sit for 15 minutes. My morning walks, yoga asanas,all came to a standstill. Also, menopause gave rise to body weight. There was a distinct rise in irritation and depression. I felt there is no point in living. When I was in such a difficult situation I took admission in Mr Phadke Sir's Brahmavidya class. On the first day I had to go to the class by autorickshaw. I could not understand much in this class, but I could attend the class for two hours. After the second lesson, I began liking the science. Practice of memory development exercise and of meditation drove away my sciatica. Regular practice and reading of the lessons made me enthusiastic. Positive thoughts replaced my old negative thoughts. I felt a new urge to live, my self-confidence increased, irritation and stress levels reduced. I began walking straight. Many people asked me my secret cure. I answered a tonic called Brahmavidya helped me (Sanjivani). Now I am living happily. The lesson notes provided in this curriculum helped me greatly. All literature is written in an easy and clear language. Our Sir (Mr Vikas Phadke) teaches very well. Till today I have never seen him troubled. His commitment and involvement in teaching is very good, which enables us to understand the difficult portion of our lessons easily. I am sure that regular study and practice of Brahmavidya will bring you success. I have only one thing to tell, those brothers and sisters who have begun the study of this science that they can now taste the sweetness of this divine nectar of Brahmavidya, have unfaltering faith, practice your exercises and meditation diligently, you will surely reap good fruits. You need to work hard for stress-free happy life. I bow down to my guruji, who inspired in me a love for this eternal science and Brahmavidya.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Backache   
Thanks to brahmavidya who have given new life to me and my family  

I joined the basic course in july 2014 and was not sure about what would be its real benifits. i had problem of managing the work pressure in office and got irritated frequently. due to this work and relationships suffered. i used to feel helpless, tensed often and used to feel like avoiding the office, but no choice. moreover on many occasions i used to feel low, depressed and frustrated. after joining brahmavidya, in 3-4 months i started feeling calm and confident, improved concentration and was able to complete the work efficiently and within time. it improved my communcation with colleagues and had better relationships . now i feel energetic and positive whole day. after completion of basic course, my wife and son have completed the courses and getting immense benifits. thanks to brahmavidya who have given new life to me and my family. finally i am thankful to my madam who is a great source of inspiration to students due to her extremely effective method of teaching and attention to details.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Fear & Tension   
I have improved mentally as well as physically.  

I am practising Brahmavidya from Nov. 2003. I have experienced many changes in myself. I have improved mentally as well as physically. By practising Brahmavidya my confidence has increased. It has helped me the maximum in my examination. My concentration has improved. It cools my tension. Practising Brahmavidya for nearly one year has relieved me a lot.I have practising Brahmavidya. It has changed me a lot. I will practise everyday.

It is a very good experience for me. I thank you teacher for giving me such a lovely experience.In the last summer vacation where I was ideal at home I use to feel for. Then one day I got the pamplet of Brahmavidya. I was not knowing about it.Then I visited the class. There I met Mrs. Surekha Pedwekar my Brahmavidya Teacher. I join the class. On the very first day she told the values and importance of life. The most important to life is ‘breath’. Who told us that the whole world goes on some shakti (Energy).

All the shaktis of the world come together. Then this great energy is called ‘Brahma’ (The lord). The study of God is called ‘Brahamavidya’. Breath is the most important to us to life. There are breathing exercises in Brahmavidya. The first one is Pranayam then the other eight key breathing exercise and prayers then the right key breathing exercise and prayers. The prayer give us peace of mind. I used to do it daily. I am having the problem of Asthama. If I run or while climbing the staircase, I got tired down and feel difficult to breath. Every morning while going to school, I used have lot of wheezing and because of such wheeze’s then starts the headache. Because of headache no concentration on studies. There were the problems faced by me. I had taken many homeopathic medicines. But no so much use of it. But after learning Brahmavidya, my problem of Asthama has been got less and I feel the difference. I don’t get problems while climbing and discending the staircase. Now no more wheezing in the early morning and more concentration on studies. Yes Brahmavidya has helped me a lot.

I have to thanks my teacher Surekha. And I am solve my problem will soon get complete. totally. and I will be free from it.

Course : Children's    Ailments : Not Specified   
Brahmavidya is like a tool to Good Health and Happiness in Life.  

I joined Basic Course of Brahmavidya in October, 2012. For last couple of years I was suffering from low B.P. and I was told that there is no particular medicine for it. But from now onwards I can say that Brahmavidya is the medicine for Low B.P. With regular practice of Brahmavidya my B.P. has become normal (which I had never expected). Brahmavidya is like a tool to Good Health and Happiness in Life. Regular practice of Breathing Exercises and Meditation make you feel good from within. The result has to be experienced and can not be put in words. I Thank Brahmavidya Sadhak Sangh for imparting such wonderful teaching to me because of which I am enjoying Good Health and Happiness today.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Blood Pressure - Low   
Brahmavidya has been a great boon to me  

Brahmavidya is a science of breath and thought. It teaches every student to improve both and as a result one's life undergoes a massive transformation. One comes closer to the creative intelligence inherent in us and thereby success becomes easy. As student of management, I have derived immense benefit from the practice of Brahmavidya. I have learnt to realise my dreams and know how to make the most of my life. Brahmavidya has been a great boon to me. The breathing exercises are now an integral part of my daily routine. I cannot imagine a day without practising Brahmavidya and I am happy that I have found my way to lasting happiness and success.

Course : Children's    Ailments : Not Specified   
The secret to better living is now revealed to me.  

Brahmavidya changed my life. It brought happiness in my life. It changed my habits. It taught me many positive things. I have learnt the importance of being helpful towards others and respect elders. I have learnt to control my temper and believe in myself and my innate strength. My memory has improved. I am happy that I have learnt Brahmavidya and the secret to better living is now revealed to me.

Course : Children's    Ailments : Not Specified   
There's nothing religious about this course  

I have completed the Basic Course and I am practicing Brahmavidya breathing exercises regularly. Earlier, I used to go for SWD shortwave diathermy by paying Rs 250 to physiotherapist for every session. I needed three sessions per week. Now, I need not visit the physiotherapist. I have been totally relieved of my pain. My understanding has improved. It's a wonderful course. The best thing about Brahmavidya Basic Course is that it teaches us right breathing and right thinking, through breathing exercises and meditation respectively. The lesson notes are simple, easy to read and follow. You can re-read them any time for continual understanding. There's nothing religious about this course and therefore can be learnt by people of any religion, regular practice is bound to bring very good results.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Backache   
Brahmavidya for cardiac care  

I work in a private company. I suffered from a cardiac arrest on October 2, 2002. I was immediately shifted to a hospital. This saved my life, but on the physical and mental plane I was totally shattered. Many negative thoughts plagued my life. I started reading all material I could on cardiac care, incidentally I came across an article in Maharashtra Times titled, 'Adhyatmachi kaas dhara' by Dr Nitu Mandke, I got curious and began reading. It was an article about one of his programmes. I was impressed by his message of resorting to spirituality. But I was unsure of which way to take. I saw an advertisement and joined the class. After attending the first lecture, I knew that I had found what I was looking for. Thereafter, I began my practice of Brahmavidya and felt that I began learning it much later in life. With the help of breathing exercises and meditation, I could bring my body and mind in order. My life got a new meaning and direction. My medicines have now reduced to only 20 percent. My stress test has come to normal. I do not feel much tired. I feel enthusiastic, and my regular backache and neckache has reduced noticeably. Brahmavidya is indeed a supreme science. I pray that its knowledge (light) spreads everywhere. I am grateful to my teacher who showed me this way.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Cardiac   
This is my experience with Brahmavidya  

एक कि.मी किंवा त्यांपेक्षा जास्त अंतर पायी चालत गेल्यावर माझा घसा हा दुखायचा व मला तहान लागल्या सारखे वाटायचे. पण ब्रम्हविद्याच्या बेसिक कोर्सला जाण्यास सुरुवात केल्यावर फक्त २ महिन्यामध्ये माझा हा आजार पुर्णत: केव्हा गेला हे मला कळलेच नाही. तसेच ध्यान व इतर श्वसन प्रकारामुळे मला फार मानसिक शांतता लाभलेली आहे. माझा कार्स पुर्ण झाला असून सध्या मी घरी दररोज सकाळी 5.00 वा. लवकर उठुन या योगाचा सराव करीत असतो.

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Everything about this course is so very beautiful  
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I am lucky enough to join the Basic Course of Brahmavidya (in October 2011) just at time when I was totally shattered and in deep depression. Lost my parents with in a span of 3 months, lost my father to cancer which was known just before 2 months of his death, and then my mother who could not take sudden death of my father after living for 46years together too passed away after one and half month's time to heart attack. To add to my problems, Immediately after their death in quick succession I got diabetes, followed by asthma and then finally rheumatoid arthritis. I was already suffering with hypothyroid since 1997. Rheumatoid arthritis was worst of all, as I was totally immobile, was not in a position to move an inch, as it affects all joints, there were instances sometimes I could not even comb my hair, or drink coffee as my arm joints were very badly inflamed and could not move them at all. Though I heard of Brahamavidya earlier, inspired by my friends suggesting me to join, I did not join as I was much in a better position health wise so did not feel the need to devote minimum one and half hours on Saturdays even for 22 weeks. Due to severe pain I was limping and people were shocked to see my physical and mental state, seeing me in that helpless state, one of my colleague again suggested why don't I join brahmavidya it would definitely help in healing physically, as well as to overcome my negative emotions. At this stage it was 'Do And Die 'situation for me , as Allopathic Doctors said I cannot be given strong medicines to minimize my pain due to chronic asthma I had, and ayurvedic doctors said it will heal, but will take at least an a year or more to get relief considering the severity. But with all my best efforts to cope up with day to day activities, including my travel from vashi to church gate was becoming very difficult. Being physically very active, all along in my life (I was athlete, learned yoga, karate) it was unacceptable to me, that I can't even move my hands and legs. My priority was physical health, at that time I knew little it is the mind that plays major role. So I made up my mind to join Brahamavidya as I was too desperate, but was not sure at that stage if this will help me in any way. But I was proved wrong. After attending the first lesson, I felt it is all more to do with change of thought process /mental healing, so how can my physical problems will improve I must say, my teacher right from first day assured me even on physical front I will be better. I must believe and have childlike faith in methods of teaching that I will undergo in these 22 weeks. All the affirmations and breathing exercises are so very powerful, which I realized gradually. Slowly I started getting addicted to these methods of spiritual exercise, affirmations and meditation techniques, at initial stage of this course as I was not in position to move much, so I devoted my time in practicing them religiously as these techniques do not involve aggressive physical exertion and can be done with ease. Yes today I feel much changed person from within, though my name is Shanti, I was not at peace , but now I face my day to day challenges with ease, no stress what so ever. Even if any things even it starts to bother my mind, immediately prompts all the positive affirmations apt to the situation. Most of my negative thinking I am able to overcome or got rather transformed into positive Recently in March 2012, I did all my medical tests without taking any medication for my diabetes, asthma, thyroid and they all are normal. With ayurvedic medication for arthritis I am cured 50%, which my doctor said is very quick recovery. Normally rheumatoid arthritis count does not come down so easily. Everything about this course is so very beautiful, be it the course material, procedures / affirmations, meditations techniques. The noble thought of all the founder members who with their selfless service want to reach to people across to guide them to enjoy life and live as long as they desire healthily and happily. I owe my gratitude great regards to All teachers in Brahmavidya, who voluntarily teach apart from managing their own families and jobs, in the times where we ourself find excuses to take out time for our own selves. Thank you !

Course : Basic    Ailments : Arthritis/Rheumatism   
I started getting benefits from first week itself.  
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Its unbelievable! I have completed the basic course. Believe me I started getting benefits from first week itself. There are ample of benefits on physical level which is not possible to mention here all. It will cover every part of your body, mind and soul. I did not join for any physical ailment, being a SADHAK i was looking for spiritual growth. I found it here and now I am satisfied also. I want to mention one thing very clear that we wont get the fruit as immediate as you put on the switch. You have to practice it every day without interruption. Don't join it only to cure your physical deices, but for entire Body Mind & Soul purification. Regularity in practice is a must!

Course : Basic    Ailments : Not Specified   
My confidence level has gone up  

As a growing child I have always been a non believer and therefore for the first time, when my mother said that I have to join Brahmavidya class, I was very angry with her. I tried to retort, but eventually had to give in to the insistence of my parents. During the class, however, my whole outlook towards spiritualism changed. I have discovered a key to success in the real sense. I was always an average student who managed to pass my exams. I was an introvert and often found myself unable to communicate with my teachers effectively. Today, after completing the class I am a changed person. My confidence level has gone up, I have started taking more interest in schooling and studying. And above all, I am counted as one of the top 10 rankers in the class. Today, I am indeed a happy person, I have discovered happiness and fulfillment in my life all thanks to Brahmavidya.

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Life on the fast track! Get hooked to it! Meet the champs!  

Brahmavidya and breast cancer : In 1997, I was detected with breast cancer. I was totally depressed. At this time Shilpa Kadam, my sister who teaches Brahmavidya to children in Mulund told me of this wonderful science. As a result I began to think positively. While imbibing deeply within myself the thought that I have no death. I developed renewed vigour. I went to Lady Ratan Tata hospital on my own and took 60 radiations. I asked my husband not take two months leave for my radiations. Despite the surgery and 60 radiations, but in 1999 my haemoglobin began falling and it came to 6. All this while I was looking after my family, job and health, this is only owing to the positive thought given to me by Brahmavidya. I believed the affirmation that 'I have no disease, I am healthy.' I began to take treatment of haemoglobin specialist in Tata Hospital. Doctors were of the opinion that if my haemoglobin levels do not rise, as required it may result in Anemic cancer. I was keen on increasing haemoglobin levels fast, my sister taught me two or three breathing exercises. After regular practice of Pranayama and memory developing breath my haemoglobin levels increased from 6 to 12. After which I stopped taking medications and I feel that I have actually have been pulled away from the doors of death. I realized the truth of the affirmation, I am happy. Now I learn Brahmavidya by attending the classes and practice regularly. In 1997, my sick leave was totally exhausted. Now it came to 240, only thanks to Brahmavidya. Since 17.11.1997 I have not taken a single sick leave, even when my haemoglobin fell crucially (in 1999). In 1997 when I was confined to my home with cancer I studied for my Fellowship exam and even while the radiations were on I cleared the examination. After which, when I rejoined work, I applied for the post of Branch Manager and was even granted the post! Having taken up this posting, I had to face new challenges in my job and only with the blessings of Brahmavidya I tackled them well. When I say the Forewords for meditation and repeat them to myself, I feel that my problems are solved automatically. Life on the fast track! Get hooked to it! Meet the champs!

Course : Basic    Ailments : Breast Cancer   
I feel fresh and energetic.  

I am Laukik S. Desai studying in std. 6th in Parle Tilak Vidyalaya in Vile Parle. After doing these Brahmavidya exercises I feel fresh and calm. I also experienced that god has strengthened my mind. I feel fresh and energetic. Our concentration increases. I am confident that I will achieve success in all walks of life with the practice of Brahmavidya.

Course : Children's    Ailments : Not Specified   
Body resistance has improved.  

I was suffering from severe Sinusitis from childhood. I used to get a headache with every change in the weather and this used to make me irritable and affected my professional performance. It was by chance that a friend referred me to Brahmavidya about 4 years ago. Within about 20 days of practice I started feeling better. This motivated me to continue and I have not stopped ever since. I have not had a single bout of Sinusitis in the last 4 years. In fact my body resistance has improved and I have been able to avoid all medicines even for fever and cough. My stress levels have significantly reduced and my concentration levels have improved - all thanks to Brahmavidya!

Course : Basic    Ailments : Sinusitis   
Reduction in cholesterol levels  

My total cholesterol in October 2003 was 346 mg. Now it is perfectly normal it is now 243 mg. On seeing this report I was very happy and surprised too. I used to take medications to control cholesterol levels, yet it used to rise. Now the cholesterol levels have come to a normalcy, therefore my doctor has stopped these tablets. I think that this is a result of our breathing exercises. Prana has immense power I have come to believe in it more than ever. I feel it can dissolve blockages in blood circulation. It can cure diabetes any physical and mental disorders as well. Pranayama and eight breathing exercises are very effective. The kumbhaka in these exercises is very beneficial. The emotions documented in our affirmations give wonderful results. The foreword in meditation helps change our very outlook towards life. The creator is within me and he is looking out on the Universe through my eyes. This unique truth dawns upon us in these classes. In the 22 lessons of Brahmavidya this knowledge is documented in clear words. I am highly obliged to the Trust and bow down before this grand science.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Not Specified   
I am young! more young! I am happy! I am a youngster of 74 years.  

I am young! more young! I am happy! I am a youngster of 74 years. For 60 years of my life I used to teach children langdi and khokho and it was this physical exercise and their innocent company kept me young. As my mother died young and I was the only child, this gave rise to a deep-rooted feeling of insecurity and fear. Further, due to the good company of my wife, this feeling was reduced greatly, yet when I had to work alone, I did feel afraid. In order to drive off the feeling of loneliness, after retirement I kept myself busy in household chores and social work. Yet there was a consistent feeling of fear and insecurity. My son and daughter-in-law live in Borivli, they lead a fast-paced life, yet are able to lead a peaceful and zealous life, I was always curious to know about their secret. Both of them inspired each one in our family to learn Brahmavidya, taking inspiration from them. I completed the residential camp at Khandala and learnt Brahmavidya Basic Course. I returned to Indore, having completed the camp happily. I realized that the scientific analysis of the relationship of body and mind, breathing and thoughts made me very happy and contented. During the whole curriculum the actual relation between God and human being was unraveled to me. I am God in human form. I feel that if each one practices Brahmavidya, will be happy on physical, mental level and spiritual level. One should strive hard to attain right living, right speech and to reach right rapture. Being inspired by my teachers and with determination I began the practice with complete faith. Having studied one lesson per week for 22 weeks, all could see a distinct change in me. While practising breathing exercises, initially I used to feel tired, but later I began feeling very enthusiastic and happy, my physical capacity too was on a high. My physical weight settled at 54 kilos and I was tireless even after doing a lot of work. the feeling of loneliness was on a decline and I began to feel bold and confident. Last year I suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure, for which I was prescribed many medications. After regular practice of Brahmavidya within hardly six months, the number of these tablets reduced to half, seeing this even my family doctor was surprised. I told him of Brahmavidya. I am highly obliged to Brahmavidya, my teachers and my son and daughter-in-law for having guided me to learning this great science. I strongly feel that I should do something for propagating this science.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Not Specified   
Brahmavidya has improved my life  

I am Vivek V. Rao, your student of Brahmavidya. I had written in this letter my experience Before doing Brahmavidya, I was not able to concentrate in my studies. I learnt Brahmavidya in Diwali vacation. I started doing Brahmavidya regularly. I had a good improvement after doing Brahmavidya within 1 month.

I am very much for doing Brahmavidya again with every one, I have improved my studies and concentration. While exam time when I had tension, I do Brahmavidya it gives a good diversion even I feel fresh. Brahmavidya has improved my life. As a student I think that every student must learn Brahmavidya. It will clam you and make your mind diverted. I thank you for coming and teaching us. It has improved my life.

Course : Children's    Ailments : Not Specified   
We are happy to have attended this camp and learnt Brahmavidya here.  

We thank Brahmavidya Sadhak Sangh and all the teachers for arranging such a excellent camp for 5 days. For such camps and for such practice of meditation, calm and quiet place is required. I thank the experts for selecting this Vinayalaya Venue for this purpose. This shows their deep involvement on their part. Breathing exercises and Meditation, were taught excellently and were simplified for all common people to understand them well. We are happy to have attended this camp and learnt Brahmavidya here.

Course : Residential    Ailments : Not specified   
Brahmavidya: Way to happy living  

I consider myself lucky to have got the opportunity to learn Brahmavidya and I could become happy all over again. Before learning this unique science my life was full of tensions. I used to lead a hectic life, complete all household chores and leave for work early in the morning. I am a school teacher. Attending to household chores and teaching gave me a lot of stress. While I was younger, I could manage this stress better but as my age increased it became more and more difficult to find the same zeal and pleasure in the work. I used to get tired easily. I used to get irritated easily. At the same time I was suffered with thyroid disorder, which made me gain weight, I used to feel lazy. And depression set in. I used to suffer from asthma as well. It was at this time that I came to know of Brahmavidya and I secured admission in the class. I learnt Brahmavidya Pranayama and eight breathing exercises and meditation. Regular practice of Pranayama and meditation, my weight reduced, thyroid was controlled and I felt happy, my asthma was cured, with the help of meditation my mind was calmed and my depression came to a close and I became more cheerful. The breathing exercises and affirmations made my body healthy and disease free. There was no pain in my body tissues. My irritable nature was brought under control and my physical capacity too improved. My confidence increased. Atmosphere at home too was pleasurable. Therefore I have come to realize that Brahmavidya is the surest way to strike a balance of mind and body. It taught me to control breathing and increase inner power. I am indeed grateful to Brahmavidya.

Course : Basic    Ailments : Asthma   
By way of Brahmavidya the key to an enriched life is given to us  

This camp site is particularly beautiful and serene. The Brahmavidya Basic Course is very effective gives each one of us an enriching experience. Our teachers taught us that God is present in us, but we are not aware of it. We take the life as it comes and enjoy it, outwardly. We have no time to see it inwardly. Brahmavidya taught us, you are the creator, You create your own destiny. By way of Brahmavidya the key to an enriched life is given to us, we have to follow the path to achieve inner and lasting happiness.

Course : Residential    Ailments : Not specified   
Fortunate to have got an opportunity to study Brahmavidya at such a young age.  

o begin with I was quite reluctant to join Brahmavidya class. But as we progressed with the class, I realized that this science is quite effective and that the practice of breathing exercises taught hereinare very effective. With regular practice of Brahmavidya on the physical level my stamina increased, and at the mind level I feel more confident and my memory also has increased. I used suffer from cough and cold quite often, but with the practice of Brahmavidya I rarely catch a cold or suffer from cough. I can concentrate on my studies better. I used to get cramps in my legs, but with practice of Brahmavidya these cramps no longer occur. I am indeed fortunate to have got an opportunity to study Brahmavidya at such a young age.

Course : Children's    Ailments : Not Specified   
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